Abel Mutua’s wife Judy Nyawira’s heartfelt congratulations to her mother’s unwavering love.

Judy Nyawira, who is the wife of comedian and famous script writer Abel Mutua, has given sincere congratulations to her mother for the love she showed when Judy was going through a difficult situation.

In a candid interview with the organization Cleaning the Airwaves CTA, Judy told the story of her challenging childhood, which resulted from the death of her father in 2002.

Nyawira explains that, her mother had to find a job sweeping the local market, in order to meet daily needs with a meager salary.

This led to Judy and her siblings having to change schools from private to public.

Judy now says that her main wish is to fulfill the desires of her mother’s heart after enduring a long and difficult life together.

“I didn’t come here for myself, I didn’t come to talk about myself, I came here for my mother.” She said.

Nyawira explained that her desire from the heart is to witness her mother happy and live a peaceful life, financial stability, and happiness throughout her life.

”My one request to God is to live long enough to see my mother live the life she deserves. That is the only thing I need, that is my prayer. To live long in this world so that I can fulfill all the desires of my mother’s heart, because in years her future, she deserves to live a life full of peace, money, happiness, and a smooth life. It’s the only thing that if I accomplish, then I know for sure I’ve done my part.” Judy explained.

As the interview continued, one of the CTA stakeholders offered to send money to Judy’s mother, which said would help her start a life.

This evoked emotions, which led Judy to shed tears of joy, indicating that she accepted the request for money sent to her mother.

Later they were able to provide a number where those who would like to help the mother start a happy life share their contribution.

Watch the interview Below.

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