From Otile Brown to Brown Mauzo and now G Brown, Meet Vera Sidika’s new Boyfriend.

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has introduced her new boyfriend just one month after parting ways with Brown Mauzo.

Through her Instagram page, Sidika uploaded a photo of the young man whose name is also Brown.

“I love you forever my love G Brown. My parner in madness, I love you crazy a$$ itsgbrown,” Vera Sidika wrote attaching a photo of a man with a dyed hair .

In another photo, She uploaded a video of the guy dancing and hinted that he is a Jamaican.

“Jamaicans are what they say, my dear G Brown,” she wrote.

Vera Sidika who is in the United States celebrating her birthday party decided to upload a photo of the guy a few weeks after giving a hint to her fans by uploading a photo in which she had covered his face with emojis.

At the end of August, Brown Mauzo explained in a long post that he and Vera Sidika are no longer together.

Mauzo said they reached separation after seeing their love could not find a new awakening again because each was fed up seeing the other.

The two have two children together, a girl and a boy who is less than a year old since he was born.

Introducing a new boyfriend with the name Brown created mixed reactions among fans on social media some of whom felt that the socialite really likes people with the name Brown.

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