Nicholas Kioko and Wambo Ashley to walk down the aisle in December.

Blogger and Youtuber, Nicholas Kioko has announced at the end of this year, he and the mother of his twins Wambo Ashley will make their relationship official by tying the knot.

The two, in a joint message shared on Instagram, announced December 29, just two days before the year 2024, will be their big day.

They packed an invitation card, saying it would be the day to make everything official and start the journey of marriage.

“Along with their families, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kioko and Wambo Ashley request your presence for their wedding ceremony to be held on Saturday December 29 at 10;00 in the morning,” part of the wedding invitation card read.

The couple have been together for a while announced last year the good news of the arrival of their twins.

They later revealed their twins gender and recently also shared for the first time photos of the them who resemble their father, Nicholas Kioko.

“Twins are a blessing from God. They are also very strange. Meet our twins finally @rom_twins,” they wrote when introducing the faces of the twins to their online fans for the first time.

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