Ezekiel Mutua baffled with legitimate lawyers being outsmarted by a unqualified lawyer, who according to reports won 26 cases.

The chairman of the board that manages copyrights of Art works in the country MCSK, Doctor Ezekiel Mutua has joined many other Kenyans in asking themselves a surprising question about the fake lawyer Brian Mwenda who was arrested on Thursday in Nairobi.

Mwenda was arrested by the Kenyan Bar Association, LSK Nairobi branch and it is reported that he had participated as a high court lawyer for a long time despite having never set foot in any legal training class.

After it was discovered that Mwenda had won 26 cases in representing various clients, Mutua expressed his surprise about his victory which happened in front of judges and many other lawyers who are legally qualified.

How did qualified lawyers lose to an “imposter” not once, not twice, but 26 times?” Mutua asked pointing out that the whole story about the courage and dedication of imposter Brian Mwenda is amazing.

A few hours after the news went viral that Mwenda had been arrested and found to be a fake lawyer, Kenyans dug into the archives and dug up videos of him in court and how he was challenging lawyers and judges with tough questions and skill in presenting his arguments.

Mwenda at one time represented the former leader of Mungiki’s illegal group Maina Njenga who has been dragged to be a guest of the state in court from time to time.

He however got relief after the union of the labor union in COTU through their chairman Francis Atwoli came forward and defended him saying COTU union will stands with him.

Through a document he published on Twitter, Atwoli said it’s not new for a person to work professionally and efficiently in a faculty or fields they have not studied and thus explained that there is a need for the young man to be helped in getting legal training instead of oppressing him.

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