Bahati reveals the only way he makes his wife happy is by giving her money, money and more money.

Former gospel artist, now on secular music, Kelvin Bahati Kioko has revealed the only way to put a smile on his wife Diana Marua is to always give her monetary gifts.

Bahati revealed this while informing his fans about the third gift he has prepared for his wife.

Earlier last week, Bahati revealed he will give his wife Diana 7 gifts in 7 days as a way to celebrate 7 years of their relationship together with having 5 children.

”For those who ask, I always make my wife happy, I only do three things for her, the first is to give her money, the second is to give more money and the third is to add more money” Bahati said in a video while dancing.

Until now, Bahati has given her 3 gifts, which is the third day since they started the counting of the 7 gifts, a program they broadcast live through Diana Marua’s channel on YouTube but also on social media.

Initially, after hitting headlines, Bahati took his wife to the SPA and witnessed directly how his wife was being cleaned in her private parts.

The second gift Bahati gave his wife a cake in the shape of residential houses which he said was a sign of what was to come soon.

Bahati revealed soon a residential building for an apartment will be built and it will go by the name of Diana B Apartments.

The third gift, Bahati bought his wife a luxury ointment that was imported.

The singer, when handing over the gift, took Diana to a room where flowers were arranged neatly on the floor and bed. He then gave her the box to open, and she saw seven perfumes which she disclosed were imported from Dubai.

“This is something my wife has been asking for. I wanted to get you something unique, something that when you walk around you smell the way I like,” he told her.

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