Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba To Perform the same Day In Kenya.

For the first time in the history of Bongo music, artists Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz will have their own shows the same day.

The artists who have been fighting each other for a long time will perform on October 28.

On his part, Diamond will be performing in Nairobi at the Ngong Racecourse for the big Oktoberfest festival organized by the Tusker beer company.

At the same time, Alikiba will also be performing in Eldoret at the launch of the TLB entertainment club which will open on October 28.

However, unlike Diamond who has confirmed through his instagram page to attend and perform at Oktoberfest, Alikiba has not confirmed his presence in Eldoret but on the TLB Lounge club’s Instagram page, they have posted a sign confirming the Kings Music artist will be there.

This will be a special day for Kenyan Bongo music fans who for a long time have also been arguing about the dominance of the two artists as to who should be officially crowned as the king of the music.

It remains to be seen which artist’s concert will overflow more, despite the fact the concerts will be held in different cities separated by a distance of more than 300 kilometers.

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