Bahati’s gifts to Diana Marua, raises more pressure as lady confronts Boyfriend demanding babygirl treatment.

A Kenyan lady, Alicia, has asked her husband to follow in the footsteps of musician Bahati after honoring his wife for seven years of marriage.

In the trending video, the man was sitting on the couch while his wife recorded him and told him how Bahati carried out the activity to reward his wife.

She asked her husband to imitate musician Kevin Bahati after giving his wife lavish gifts for their anniversary.

“Do you know Diana was bought a Range Rover by her husband Bahati? You should take the example of Bahati,” she said in the video.

Bahati and his wife were celebrating seven years when the musician gave lavish gifts.

The musician was named the best husband by fans for showing his wife love on social media.

TikToker Alicia asked her husband to start rewarding her as his lover. She realized her husband could not afford to buy such a car, so she told him to at least buy her a bicycle as a gift.

“Even if you don’t get me a Range Rover, start with a bicycle, you know that car is 19 million shillings,” she insisted.

However, the husband seemed to avoid her request by claiming the gifts people flaunt on social media may not be real.

Social media users, however, gave their opinion, while strongly criticizing the wife, telling her it is better to be satisfied with her husband’s life without desiring people.

Recently, musician Bahati, went viral on social media, appearing to give his wife Diana various gifts when they celebrate seven years of marriage.

Diana’s car gift followed the traditional ceremony in which the musician went to pay his wife’s dowry, ahead of their wedding..

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