Fahyvanny wife to Rayvanny says light-skinned ladies are more loved compared to dark-skinned ladies.

Rayvanny’s wife, Fahyvanny has expressed her opinion light-skinned women are very lucky in love compared to dark-skinned women.

Speaking in an interview with a news agency, Fahyma said that even her, she has never understood why the said group of women have a higher percentage of attractiveness to men than dark-skinned faces.

Fahyvanny said she knows very well the woman who replaced her for a while [Paula] is light in complexion and maybe her colour confused the father of her child a little but after opening his eyes, he realized that skin complexion and love are not compatible.

“Unapendwa lakini sasa tukubali au tukatae ni kwamba wasichana weupe wanapendwa Zaidi. Sina maana mbaya lakini hata mwanamume yeyote yule aliye na mwanamke mweusi ndani yake aliyekuwepo ni mweupe,”

The mother of one since she got back together with Rayvanny earlier this year, they have been making love to each other openly while Rayvanny at the same time was quoted as admitting if he is convinced to dump his girlfriend this time, then people should stone him to death.

Rayvanny has been showing his love for his wife while also using her in some of his dance videos as a video vixen, which has pleased their fans.

Currently, Fahyvanny has changed the name of her identity on Instagram to ‘Mrs Chui’ meaning she is the legal wife of Rayvanny who goes by the name of Chui.

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