Governor Johnson Sakaja orders a crackdown, as he bans hawking along CBD.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has announced a crackdown that will aim to control vendors in the city center.

“There will be no street vending, I am enforcing that law from tomorrow (Thursday) morning, even near the bus station. I will not allow that,” he said.

The governor was speaking during a consultation session between enforcement officers, vendors and county ministers.

Sakaja stressed the law must be followed in areas where business is banned, saying that he will not change his mind.

“Nairobi will be a city of peace and dignity. There will be no street vending and that is not negotiable,” he said.

Sakaja added the move will not only be for the safety of vendors who risk their lives by selling their products on the road but will also enable drivers to drive easily.

The governor also said vending along Tom Mboya and Moi Avenue is prohibited, explaining that those areas have been marked for a multi-billion project that aims to reduce congestion in the city.

Sakaja also instructed Chief Security Officer Anthony Kimani to ensure that all officers are in uniform.

”I don’t want any officer to work without uniform except those who are part of the operation in the anti-trafficking force”, said Sakaja.

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