Guardian Angel to launch gospel music label tomorrow, set to hold hands of two Artists.

Gospel artist, Guardian Angel on Thursday October 26 will officially launch his music label he has been building for a while, ‘Seven Heaven Music’.

Speaking to journalists in preparation for the big day, he said the has already held the hand of two young people who are passionate of gospel music and are doing very well.

The artist was able to mention the reason for starting a gospel label at this time when many feel alot of people have ditched gospel for secular music.

”We will start the gospel label because the image that people had about gospel music was bad And so it is very difficult for people to follow something they feel has no direction or leadership. Therefore, 7 Heaven is an idea to facilitate returning the image to the art of the gospel, so we can work and people follow us knowing this is the guide,” he said.

The artist further claims he knew nothing about the artists brought to him as they are set to be the first artists signed on the label, but thanks to their hardwork and never giving up spirit that won the hearts of many whom in return directed them to Guardian angel as they were struggling in their videos on social media.

”These two were sent to me and I was told that you are now a guide and I was able to take it in a positive way. Through Sammy, he has been a good example that if I am given the responsibility of raising, the guy is in town now,” he said while quoting some of the statistics that the young man has posted on social media after taking him and giving him the opportunity to record.

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