Guardian Angel recalls being kicked out of church for marrying an old woman.

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has revealed how he was persecuted in church for marrying an elderly woman.

Speaking at the launch of his new record “7 Heaven Music” Angel admitted the abuse made him leave church for a while.

“I went to church to sing somewhere and I was persecuted in that church. When I arrived, the pastor told me the elders had instructed me not to sing or step on the altar. They all argued and after 30 minutes the pastor agreed that I should sing. When I started, the pastor got angry again and wanted to take the microphone from me but his wife stopped him,” Angel said in part.

“When I finished, the pastor took the microphone and never acknowledged I sung. That made me hate church,”.

The singer went on to say the ordeal made him vow he would never return to church.

“I started to wonder, Why marrying my wife will make everyone angry to an extend I don’t deserve to sing for God in church.

I went home with my wife and told her that was the last time I entered church. I said I will not enter any church and I will be praying in my room but my wife continued going to church,” he added.

Guardian further revealed his life took a new turn after he met Pastor Ababu, who is now his spiritual father.

He says Ababu agreed to walk with him despite all the bad things that were being said about him.

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