Karen Nyamu narrates how she met Samidoh and fell in love with him.

Senator Karen Nyamu has revealed she first met her co-parent Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh at a political event held several years ago.

Speaking on Convo’s YouTube Channel, Karen revealed the famous Mugithi singer was performing at an event she had attended when she recognized him.

The senator said despite recognizing the musician, they did not have the opportunity to talk and exchange numbers the first time they met.

“I had seen his name on YouTube but I was not a fan so I said I know him. We only met at a political event where he was performing, I recognized him but nothing happened. We didn’t even exchange numbers,” Karen Nyamu said.

She added, “We also had another opportunity, another political event. Hiyo siku ndio niliona alaa, na kuna vile. Sijawahi kusahau hiyo shoe game kwanza. Ilikuwa juu. The rest is history.”

The appointed UDA senator said when she met her lover, she played a game of hide and seek with him for the first time while ignoring him and at the same time giving him hints.

However, she did not reveal many details of who approached the other.

“Iliflow tu!” She said.

In the same interview, Karen described the Mugithi singer as a very romantic man who treats her like a queen.

The mother of three opened up about how her baby daddy shows her affection, including buying her flowers and taking her out for fun.

“He always buys flowers, he tells me he’s coming to pick me up, we go where there’s music, we eat, we drink cocktails, we laugh, just the two of us and we go home,” Karen Nyamu revealed.

While talking about the qualities she likes in him, Senator Nyamu praised him and revealed that he has a very attractive vibe that she likes.

“He’s cool, he has a clean heart, he’s very funny, he’s open, he doesn’t pretend, the soul is pure, you see. He has a vibe that I have never seen in my life. He is very attractive. He usually says some things and I know in my life I will never hear another person say them. I usually tell him that,” Nyamu said.

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