Diamond Platnumz congratulates Harmonize after winning three awards in the US.

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz for the first time has congratulated artist Harmonize for the three awards he received in the United States a few days ago mentioning him as his son who was able to succeed in life after raising him in the music profession.

Despite being an artist Harmonize from Konde Gang label according to his former boss Diamond, it is a joy to see the talents he raised with his Wasafi label succeeding in music and even be awarded as the best artists.

”Ni furaha kubwa kuona vipawa nizochipua ziking’aa hadi mataifa ya nje, msanii Harmonize kushinda tuzo tatu mfululizo ni furaha kubwa kwetu licha ya kuwa aliondoka wasafi tunafurahi kwa mafanikio yake, kwangu najivunia kwani alikuwa mwanangu niliyemlea kimuziki”said Diamond.

Diamond said this in an interview when introducing a new artist to the Wasafi Label and it is one of his dreams to raise talents to bring the art of music to a higher level.

Harmonize was one of the artists under Wasafi label but he left to start his own label ‘Konde Music World Wide’, he won 3 awards and against the biggest African artists in the African Entertainment Awards.

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