Kenyan PE Teacher charged with Violence assault in Mongolia.

As is the custom of every human being, everyone has a dream of success, this leads many to leave their countries in search of a better life. But not everyone succeeds.

This opens the beginning of this story of a Kenyan man born on March 14, 1985, who found himself in trouble on a case of violence in Mongolia, Simon Nyambaka Angoyia was found guilty of violence against the Indonesian citizens and the case was recorded in a police station in Mongolia.

The Kenyan man apparently assaulted his wife who is an Indonesian citizen.

”The defendant, Angoiya Simon Nyambaka, passport number A2392901: citizen of the republic of Kenya, born on March 14 1985 in the republic of Kenya, 37 years old, male,” Part of the document read.

The document continued

”Regarding the case involving the defendant as written in the conclusion.

Angoiya simon Nyambaka, a citizen of the republic of Kenya was found guilty of drinking alcohol on the night of September 30 to October 1, 2022, at no. 32, Building no 38. ‘UB Town’ in the territory of the 4th committee of Sukhbaatar District. While consuming alcohol beverages, his wife, Mustar Aisha Atika, a citizen of the republic of Indonesia who is a family member, was assaulted, kicked and tied to her right cheek, chin, and left cheek. Soft tissue contusion, hematoma, right and left forearm”

Simon was charged with “domestic violence” as defined in article 10,1 Part 2, Section 2,8 of the criminal code in Mongolia.

While testifying in court. the defendant pleaded guilty of the offense ”I admit my guilt. The investigation is accurate. There is nothing to add”

The woman was allegedly beaten for abandoning her child.

Victim Mustar Aisha Atika in court said

” I got off from the Republic of Indonesia at 10 am. On September 30, 2022 and came home to 38-32, Ub town, 4th district of Sukhbaatar district in the evening.”

She continued
”After 10pm, I came home alone and took a nap. My husband Simon was standing there drunk until I woke up to a knock on the door when I was sleeping at night. Then he came in and argued with me until 3:00 because I ”Left my child behind” So when I got tired and lay down in bed, Simon stood on the bed and kicked me in the head, face, stomach, abdomen and right leg. Then he got on top of me and shocked me and I lost consciousness for a while”

The court conducted a simplified procedure and found the defendant Angoiya Simon Nyambaka guilty of ”Domestic violence for the crime of causing minor harm to Human health” Taking into the account of nature of harm and the personality of the person who committed the crime from all sides, in accordance with the principles of legality, justice, and guilt of the criminal code.

According to section 160.1 of article 160 of the law on the execution of court decisions, the defendant Angoiya Simon Nyambaka is obliged to serve the fine within 90 days after the sentencing decree comes into force. It is mentioned that the equivalent amount of money will be replaced by one day of imprisonment.

The Court decided the issue of payment of damages and damages caused by the crime as follows

The position of the crime, Mustar Aisha Atika, ”Has no complaints or claims” was taken on page 127 of the file, so it was concluded that the defendant does not owe money to others.

In this case, the defendant has no days of detention, and if the case is resolved, there will be no confiscated assets.

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