Azziad Nasenya narrates how she coped with depression after Viral ‘Utawezana’ Challenge.

Kenyan Tiktoker and influencer Azziad Nasenya has talked about how she coped with a difficult situation of depression that brought her thoughts of suicide.

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Azziad said that many thoughts of suicide came to her after her videos went viral on social media in which she participated in Mejja and Femi One’s song ‘Utawezana’ challenge.

Azziad said that initially people treated her well after watching the dance, but after one day the discussion changed and she was criticized by some fans, which she said was the source of those thoughts.

She said at that time she was living in the 4th floor where she went out and thought of committing suicide but her prayers to God exceeded those bad thoughts.

” Comments about the video changed after a day and a half, and I started receiving criticism from some fans, I tried to bear it and failed, I remember I was alone, I was crying, I went out on the balcony, I looked down and I talked to my God I asked him, is this where God wanted me to go? She narrated.

However, she returned home because she thought that even if she thought about committing suicide, no one would care and therefore abandon that idea.

She explained how she received advice from people close to her who gave her hope and finally managed to face the fear and accept that not everyone will like what she is doing which is still fine. Because why care??

For now, Azziad is not just an influencer, she also works on radio and has partner with several companies.

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