Christina Shusho warns men who only focus on physical appearance when looking for a wife.

Tanzanian gospel musician, Christina Shusho, has given a strong message asking men to reconsider their methods of choosing women with whom they would like to start a family.

Shusho warned against prioritizing beauty in finding a lasting relationship.

She encouraged men to look for more attractive qualities besides physical ones when considering marriage.

Shusho said that beauty can change over time due to various reasons, especially aging. She also said that love can decrease.

“Ikiwa unatafuta urembo basi utakata tamaa haraka. Ngoja nikushauri, unaweza kutafuta urembo lakini jiulize huyo mwanamke ana nini tena kando na urembo unaoupenda. Upendo utafifia. Nini kitakufanya bado uendelee kumpenda mke huyo ikiwa uzuri umetoweka na mapenzi kupungua?

Kijana yeyote anayetaka kuoa, zingatia jambo hilo. Kitu kipi ambacho bado kitakufanya uvutiwe na mwanamke huyo wakati urembo umetoweka na hata baada ya mapenzi kukosa nguvu tena,”Shusho said.

Shusho emphasized that love must be more than physical appearance, love of true feelings.

The singer, who is expected to hold a concert in Kenya on December 31 this year, marking the end of the year, has been interacting with her Kenyan fans on social media and recently rewarded one of them by answering a question according to expectations.

The singer shared a video on the social media, where she shared a clip of one of her songs and asked her followers to name it.

She promised to send the money to the first person who identified it correctly.

The lucky winner was a Kenyan fan, who correctly identified the song and commented on Shusho’s post.

Shusho then sent him KSh 1,000 through M-Pesa and shared a screenshot of the transaction on his X account.

“Nilimpa shabiki wangu kiamsha kinywa kwa kunipa jibu sahihi kwa swali langu,”” Shusho wrote.

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