Rapper Ssaru raises her dowry price to 1.5 billion Ksh.

Just two weeks after setting her dowry price at one billion Shillings, rapper Sylvia Ssaru has raised the price and now it currently stands at 1.5 billion while telling men if they don’t make a move earlier the price will exceed 2 billion.

In an interview with Mungai Eve in Eldoret last weekend where she was one of the artists performing at the ”Love and Vibes” concert of Nadia Mukami and boyfriend Arrow Bwoy, Ssaru was also able to give only a few reasons that make her feel her dowry is not less than a billion.

“Sai iko 1.5b na wakichelewa 2024 Itapanda, wale wanasema nijioe I can afford myself, so if someone has to marry me, he has to be more than me, that is, he should come with more money than me,” she said.

The rapper said that for those who ask what she will bring on the table, she stated if you leave the table away, she is the foundation of the house itself where the table will sit.

Ssaru admitted she is the one who understands saying that her life with you does not need a man who has no money.

“It’s true dirty music sells, those are the songs Kenyans like, if you release such, you have a show here and there. But I release songs that the fans accept and the one that they request more, not the one that sells a lot,” she said.

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