Eudoxie Yao reveals source of turmoil in her relationship with Grand P.

The famous Ivory Coast socialite Eudoxie Yao who is well known for her curvaceous figure has opened up about the reason of conflicts in her relationship with Guinean singer Moussa Sandiana Kaba alias Grand P.

In an interview with the Ghanaian TV channel, Joy News, the lady revealed she has broken up with Grand P and got back together with him several times since they started dating about four years ago.

She claimed the Billionaire musician has a great love for women, which has made her leave him several times during their relationship.

”We have been dating since 2019. We break up, we get back together. We break up again and get back together.. He likes women a lot,” Eudoxie said.

Grand P, who was with his girlfriend during the interview, however, was quick to deny the claims that he loves women a lot.

“No! No! Only Allah knows,” Grand P responded.

While talking about their relationship, Mrs. Yao made it clear that even though they are not officially married, their love is very real.

During the interview, Grand P who is a Muslim however revealed his intention is to marry about four women.

“I want to marry four women. I did not say that, it was my father (Allah) who said,’ he said.

Eudoxie Yao however was quick to disagree with the idea saying, “If he dares, we break up.”

Grand P however hinted he will not be too afraid of losing the curvy woman he has been dating for four years if he decides to break up with him.

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