Jackie Matubia introduces new boyfriend months after breaking up with Blessing Lung’aho.

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has appeared to introduce her new lover, just a few days after hinting about wanting to get married.

On Friday, the mother of two who split from her fellow actor Blessing Lung’aho several months ago shared videos of herself vacationing at the Beach with an unknown man. However, she did not reveal the face of her new lover but showed part of his body.

In the videos, the two lovers seemed to be happy together and were seen enjoying romantic moments.

”How we relax as we wait for our next adventure,” Ms Matubia wrote under one video that showed her and the man lying in bed.

In another video shared by the former Tahidi High actress, they were seen in a swimming pool with the unknown man kissing her on the cheeks.

Mrs Matubia covered part of her new man’s face with love emojis and accompanied the video to Nyashinski’s love song ‘Perfect Design.’

This comes just about five months after the mother of two separated from her co-parent, Blessing Lungaho, with whom she has one child with.

In July, Ms Matubia shocked the nation after announcing she is a “proud single mother of two.”

Last month, the actress was overcome with painful feelings while recounting she has been raising her children alone without the help of their fathers.

Matubia said this on her YouTube Channel where she talked in detail about what made her leave her relationship with the fellow actor they met on a TV show that ended early last year.

The mother of two daughters from different fathers raised the notion that Blessing Lung’aho is not responsible in helping her raise their daughter after they separated a few months ago.

Matubia emphasized that her life since leaving Lung’aho has not been easy and only God has been holding her all the time.

“God has really been at the center of our lives, my daughters and I, she has held me tight when everything in my life was falling apart. God held my hand and assured me he is Alpha and Omega. He has been a father to my daughters and has been a pillar of support,” Matubia said.

“It has been a very difficult time, several months ago I have been through hell and to be honest I have seen the hand of God,” she added.

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