Jackie Matubia comes clean about rumors of having a new boyfriend.

A day after she was seen with an unknown man while she was hanging out at the swimming pool, Miss Jackie Matubia now claims it was a joke.

The multi-award winning actress on Friday posted a video of a bearded man standing behind her in a pool giving her a kiss on the cheek, and she responded positively.

Jackie used Nyashinski’s song ‘Perfect Design’ to express her feelings with several red heart emojis to indicate love.

Kenyans saw how famous people this year seem to move on to another lover. Kenyans called the act as bathing and returning to the market, to show that one’s feelings after a breakup cannot stop one from moving on.

Matubia shut down the reports on Saturday after causing a stir on social media, responding to netizens writing, “Kwani hamjui jokes”.

She circled her Instagram page Bio to explain why she was clout chasing. “Weh hamjui jokes. Haya sasa tusome bio before muandike paragraphs,” she mocked Kenyans and bloggers

She wanted people to focus on her professional dashboard where her aacting career showed. Jackie is not new to controversy.

A few months back in a mirror selfie, Kenyans swore they could see the person behind the background.

Other celebrities who are alleged to have separated this year, leaving Kenyans guessing are Dorea Chege and Dj Dibul, Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo, Mylee Staicey and Weezdom among others.

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