Bongo Flava artist Jay Melody announces to quit music.

Bongo Fleva music, Jay Melody has announced he will stop composing and singing music.

In what surprised many of his fans who have given him a good reception in the past 3 years since he sotarted his music career, Jay took to his instastory and wrote a short message saying;

“I quit music!” and end with a thank you emoji.

However, it is not known what has upset the artist to the point of pronouncing the decision, but others also felt it might be a new hit he is preparing for his fans and the controversial statement is one way to trend among blogs.

The artist this year has been very busy in releasing music for his fans compared to last year, the year that gave him a name in the hearts of many fans of Bongo Fleva poetry.

Looking at his YouTube channel, Jay Melody released his last hit four months ago, it was an audio, then a month later he released the English lyrics of the song ‘Mbali Nawe’ and from then on, he denied releasing the video fans were waiting for.

In the past two years, Jay Melody blessed his fans with hits that continue playing, loved without forgetting remaining on repeat especially in Kenya including Sugar, Nakupenda, Nitasema and the Puuh collaboration with Billnass.

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