Mulamwah insists Ruth K is a friend and the pregnancy is hers alone.

Comedian Mulamwah is insisting he has no relationship of any kind with Ruth K, more than a close friendship – Bestie.

Mulamwah who spoke to Youtube bloggers shortly after returning from an adventure tour with Ruth K, Diani in Kwale county insisted that nothing has changed yet.

Mulamwah, who has been hiding their relationship for a long time, recently made it clear they are expecting their first child and at the end of last week they uploaded a photo at the airport ready to leave to Coast for vacation reasons.

The comedian has now distanced himself from the pregnancy, saying it is only hers and claiming their relationship is still not going beyond friendship.

“Ruth K is still a bestie with a capital letter, she is Ruth K and that is her name. The pregnancy is only hers,” Mulamwah said.

Speaking about their one-week visit to Diani, Mulamwah said their plans were to go abroad but he said in Diani even if they went for fun it was still part of their work.

“Vacation was good, one of the best feelings. I had taken a week off from work and said let’s go and have a little fun, I’ve never had my own holiday in over 4 years it’s just work. We used to go out but now time was not on our side, we hope next year we will have time to go out there where we wanted. But it was a good place to rewind but we were still at work,” Mulamwah said.

Mulamwah and Ruth K announced the news of expecting a child just a few days after they appeared in a traditional ceremony to introduce themselves to their partner’s home.

He introduced Ruth K in October 2021 just a few hours after making it clear he and the mother of his child Carrol Sonie have separated.

However, several months later, he denied Ruth K is not his girlfriend and said she is just an artist who signed her up in his Mulamwah Entertainment label.

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