Willy Paul gives up on finding true love after bad treatment from Women.

New generation artist Willy Paul has started the year with a holy blow after being ”sexually assaulted.”

The artist through social media published photos and attached it with a message of seeming to be completely disappointed with love.

Pozee, as he calls himself, said that from today until nobody knows when, he does not see if he will be able to believe the statement that there is true love.

The star of ‘Toto’ said that now he believes that love is a scam, pointing out that he has already been treated badly by a beautiful lady whom he believes he was showing true love to her.

Following the incident, Pozee said that from now until the future, he will remain without someone, but will only continue to hang out with beautiful women “indiscriminately” regardless of whether he settles down with one in life.

“Love Is All A Scam Fam Please Don’t Do It! Let Me Tell You Maina, That Bitch Really Bitched 🤣. From Today Henceforth I’m Single And Mingling Ovyo Ovyo…” Willy Pozee wrote.

Despite being very successful musically and in life as well, Pozee is one of the artists who has never been seen to have a woman in public who he says is the one of his life.

His romantic life has had a complicated story, at one time he was accused by Diana Marua of rape, an issue that ended up in court and even fueled the hostility between them even more until now.

Willy Paul and Bahati’s enmity has continued until recently Bahati and his wife had to withdraw from an event they were supposed to attend in Mwea, Jamii Gardens after finding out that Willy Paul was also scheduled to be there.

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