Why was Starlet Wahu buried a few days after she was killed? Pastor Kanyari speaks.

On Thursday Kenyans woke up to shocking news following the death of socialite Starlet Wahu who is the sister of pastor Victor Kanyari.

Wahu was reportedly found brutally murdered with a knife in an AirBnB house in South B street by a man who reportedly entered the room with her as showed by CCTV footage.

However, the news took a different turn after the family agreed to bury the 24-year-old lady on Saturday, just a few days after her death.

This shocking incident shocked many people on social media, many raising questions about why her burial was so rushed even before the investigation was completed.

In response to the questions, Pastor Kanyari, in a phone interview with Nairobi News, explained the family’s decision to proceed with a swift burial.

“As a family, we decided that it was the best way to mourn our loved one. Again, why the need to keep her yet she is gone forever? No need. We did not want outsiders during her burial. It was very private to the family,” Pastor Kanyari stated, hoping justice for his sister would prevail.

Others also doubted that something was being covered up, as the family of Pastor Kanyari is not under Islamic foundations – a religion that is known for carrying out burials in such a hurry.

Wahu was buried on Saturday afternoon at the family farm in Kamulu, Nairobi County in a ceremony that was attended by a few people, mostly family members.

Here are some of the comments from Kenyans who were surprised by the urgency of the socialite’s funeral via the X network;

“I want to see how the eulogy was written please,” Benson Mwiti.

“Hey, just like that, I thought she died yesterday or the other day,” Polo Kimanii.

“That’s too fast, because what are they trying to hide that we don’t know?” Musau Eric

”It’s like they don’t want a bad reputation but oops, it’s too late,” Wangui Macharia.

“And that’s how a funeral should be! Private family events!!! They are not intended to be public or aggressive. Just a good send off. Generosity is not the same as extravagance.” Ian Ogwa Ketenyi.

“This should only teach you that life only means something when you are alive,” Duncan Kenya.

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