Who is John Matara? What we know so far about the suspected serial killer.

More details have continued to emerge about serial killer suspect John Matara, who has been making headlines after being linked to the death of socialite Starlet Wahu.

Matara is the main suspect in the murder of Prohet Victor Kanyari’s sister whose body was found Thursday last week in an Air BnB room in South B, Nairobi. He was arrested at Mbagathi hospital seeking medical treatment after sustaining several injuries.

So far, we have managed to gather some information about the 34-year-old man, some of which are shocking and reveal the brutality inside the former Butere Boys’ High School student.

Here are some details about John Matara;

1: His real name is John Ongoa Matara.

2: He is 30 years old.

3: He studied at Butere Boys High School.

4: He is from Kisii County.

5: He used to be a reggae artist with the name – Rebelius Monk.

6: He has a song called ‘Time has Proven’ on YouTube.

7: He deceives and cheats/steals money from his female victims.

8:Matara told the police he is a graphic designer.

9: He is alleged to be a regular user of Cannabis.

10:He was once a Rastafarian.

11:He gets his victims from dating apps.

12:Matara was arrested at Mbagathi Hospital along with his friend Anthony Nyongesa. He continues to be detained at the Industrial Area Police Station.

13: He is the main suspect in the murder of Starlet Wahu.

14: The suspect may be a serial killer and extortionist.

15: Police are holding him for 21 days to allow further investigation.

16: So far three victims have recorded a statement with the police.

17: Other potential victims have continued to share their experiences with him on social media.

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