Government Responds to Passport Delays: New Machines to Speed Up Process

The Government Spokesperson, Isaac Mwaura, has shed light on the recent delays in passport issuance, pointing to challenges with printing machines and a surge in demand for travel documents. In an address to the nation, Mwaura explained that the current printing machine at Nyayo House has been facing issues, but the government has taken steps to fix this by procuring two new machines. These machines have already arrived and are set to be officially launched by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki soon.

Mwaura acknowledged the frustration many Kenyans have experienced due to delayed passport processing and urged patience. He shared that the government is ready to issue 100,000 passports in the coming days using the new machines.

However, Mwaura also highlighted a backlog challenge within the Ministry of Interior. The demand for passports is high, with many Kenyans applying for new passports and others waiting for the renewal of existing ones. Mwaura assured the public that efforts are underway to streamline the process and tackle the backlog issue.

Additionally, he drew attention to a similar situation with Good Conduct Certificates. The demand for these certificates is substantial, with 20,000 requests daily and a backlog of 700,000. The government is actively working to address these challenges and improve service delivery.

As some Kenyans express frustration over prolonged waits for their passports, Mwaura’s update brings hope for a smoother and faster passport application process in the near future.

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