Akothee confesses her deep love for Nelly Oaks.

Renowned Kenyan singer and entrepreneur, Esther Akoth alias Akothee on Wednesday celebrated her boyfriend and manager Nelson Oyogi aka Nelly Oaks.

On Valentine’s Day, 14th, the 43-year-old musician took the opportunity to celebrate the man and confessed her love to him.

She used her native Luo and English to explain why Nelly Oaks is so special to her and proud of him.

Osiepna maromona @nellyoaks eeh wuora ichoka kaka agakani . Be the same lichni. Kata thoo kata angima pod Esther Mari , Ruoth oriti Wuora,” Akothee wrote.

Meaning: “My friend who is always there for me..@nellyoaks, ooh dear you carry me how difficult I am to deal with. And you don’t even care. Even if I’m dead or alive, Ester is still yours.. God protect you dear!”

She added, “You are my valentine all year. Oooh YES I LOVE YOU. Person of the year 💪 @nellyoaks.”

The mother of five continued to warn netizens against negative comments under her sweet message to Nelly Oaks

Akothee and Nelly Oaks seem to be getting back together after the singer’s marriage to Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer broke up in the middle of last year.

Mr Nelly Oaks, whose real name is Nelson Oyugi is Akothee’s official manager and is also believed to be her boyfriend.

Many times, the two have been seen sharing good romantic moments together in public and many times in the past, Akothee has been hinting about the relationship between them.

About months ago, the musician seemed to confirm the revival of her relationship with her long-time manager Nelly Oaks in a recent live session on TikTok.

During the period when she was addressing her fans Nelly Oaks preparing a special meal for her in the kitchen, Akothee was heard calling her manager ‘babe’ several times, a name that is often used by lovers.

Nelly Oaks was also heard mentioning Akothee as someone special to her as the two shared romantic moments on camera.

“This is a special dinner for a special person like you. It’s a surprise,” Nelly Oaks was heard saying to the musician.

During the live, Akothee angrily criticized all women who confessed their love to her manager, implying that he was not available for them.

When some fans wanted to know if Nelly Oaks has a girlfriend, the 43-year-old musician seemed to confirm she is the one holding the position.

“What if Nelly is with someone? Am I a stone? Or am I a tree? Are you asking if Nelly is with someone, because I’m stone? Or a tree? Usinipangie maisha. Life is mine and I run it the way I want,” she said.

The mother of five also refused a request for Nelly Oaks phone number while revealing she is even able to unlock and use his phone.

”Can I get Nelly’s number?” A fan asked to which she replied ;

”Unafikiria nimetosheka?? Sijarudi soko, mm ndo soko, I do not fight with anyone,”

Nelly Oaks also made it clear he is not available for another woman.

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