DJ Mo opens up on losing two babies with Size 8.

DJ Mo revealed the devastating loss of their two unborn children almost caused him and his wife Size 8 to break-up.

During an interview with DJ Krowbar on the reality show “Love in Wild,” DJ Mo revealed the difficulties they encountered.

He and Size 8 blamed one another for their losses, nearly driving their marriage to the breaking point.

“We have two children, but we lost two others. The loss affected both of us. Especially the first one, let me tell you, we even had issues with Mama Wambo.

When you lose a child, if you are not strong, many people divorce because you blame each other – ‘you didn’t do this, it was your fault, and it was whatever.’ It was crazy,” DJ Mo said.

DJ Mo stated that Size 8 was only able to give birth to their two surviving children by God’s grace, even though she acknowledged the company had faced potentially fatal complications during her pregnancies.

By putting aside who was at fault and keeping to their “for better or worse” marital vows, they made the decision to save their marriage.

“We decided to put everything on the table and decided not to blame each other. It is not anyone’s fault. Linet (Size 8) had pregnancy issues, and those two children who were born are miracles and again, we had already told each other, for better or for worse, so that was the worst moment,” He explained.

In June 2022, Size 8 disclosed she could not have a third baby due to her chronic condition – extreme preeclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure during pregnancy.

The gospel singer-turned-preacher emotionally shared how the condition deprived her of the chance to become a mother for the third time.

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