Otile Brown opens up on why he has been single for a long time.

Kenyan musician Jacob Obunga alis Otile Brown has admitted the song ‘Dear X’ in his new album was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Nabayet alias Nabbi.

Speaking through his Instagram page on Friday evening, the Cost-born singer said it took a lot of courage for him to make the song that talks about the ups and downs of his broken relationship.

He continued to talk about how he was in love with the beautiful woman from Ethiopia and how he was determined to makes thing official with her.

”Nilimpenda sana mu Ethiopian, nilitaka I sana kumuoa Ile kisa nilimuumiza sana kipindi cha nyuma alinikataa mara kadhaa Zile trip ze ethiopia zote zilikue za kumbembeleza akubali nimuoe Ila alikataa Lakini ata Mimi pia siku mpambania sana mana nilihisi amebadilika sio yule Mu Ethiopia nilie mjua . Zile heartbreak na long distance pengine zilimkatisha tamaa,” Otile Brown stated.

He admitted that after hurting Nanbi and sending her out of Kenya, he made efforts to go to Ethiopia and try to convince her to return but his efforts did not bear fruit.

“I had to take the L and let go Huo waamuzi ulinitesa sana , nimekaa kipindi kirefu single mana nilihisi hakuna mtu anae nielewa Kama yeye na nilikua na uwoga kua huenda sitawai kumpata mtu Kama yeye maisha yangu yote But now I’m grateful I found love. To my concerned big bros 4 sisters moms and pops on my DMs always love and respect to her,” he wrote.

The talented singer said that the separation from Nabayet affected him so much that he found it difficult to enter into new relationships.

“That decision tormented me a lot, I stayed for a long time because I felt that no one can understand me like she did and I was afraid that I might never find someone like her all my life,” he said.

Otile Brown, Nabayet
The singer dated the Ethiopian model for four years.

Speaking on local television, Otile Brown showered praises on Nabayet revealing why he loved her so much.

“Nabbi is a beautiful woman and what I like about her is that she wants nothing from me, she doesn’t want kiki, she doesn’t want Otile Brown, she wants Jack or Juma. She is a woman who is busy with her work, her work which she does great, she is responsible” said Otile.

This came almost immediately after his failed relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

In 2022, Otile Brown was spotted in Ethiopia and rumors started circulating with fans speculating a possible reunion.

Otile confirmed meeting Nabayet noting that he was only there for the two to figure things out and see the way forward.

He then confirmed that they both had an amicable agreement that they should go their separate ways.

True to his words, Nabayet came out to confirm that they did not get back together.

However, he used the opportunity to reveal he has finally been able to enter into another relationship and asked people to respect his lover.

”To my concerned Big Bros & Sisters, Moms and Pops in my dms

Always love and respect her’ He added.

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