KFCB orders Embarambamba’s song to be pulled down

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has issued an order to remove unrated and inappropriate content from various media platforms. The directive specifically targets the latest songs by artists Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe, citing violations of the Films and Stage Plays Act.

According to KFCB acting CEO Nelly Muluka, the song titled ‘Niko Uchi,’ allegedly a gospel song, has been deemed offensive to the Christian religion due to its content containing nudity and vulgarity. Muluka expressed concerns about some of the artists’ dance styles being violent and promoting imitable behavior, which could pose dangers to children.

The KFCB’s Media Monitoring Department has received numerous complaints about the inappropriate audio-visual content, with Muluka stating that some of it is disguised as art and freedom of expression but violates the law. The songs, including ‘Niko Uchi,’ have circulated on social media, prompting public outcry.

Muluka emphasized that KFCB aims to uphold the law and protect the interests and safety of children and the public. The board has directed that no film or class of film should be distributed, exhibited, or broadcast without its examination and approval.

While acknowledging the importance of freedom of expression, Muluka highlighted that it is not absolute and must be interpreted within the constitutional context. KFCB also brought attention to other instances of inappropriate content involving a Bishop named ‘Johanna,’ accusing religious leaders of using their influence to mislead the public through indecent exposure performances.

In conclusion, KFCB urged parents, caregivers, and guardians to monitor the content children access on various platforms, especially during the mid-term break, emphasizing the responsibility of ensuring minors do not come across inappropriate content, particularly on the internet and smart devices.

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