Andrew Kibe discloses millions he used to earn before his YouTube channels were taken down.

Media personality Andrew Kibe has revealed the millions of Kenyan shillings he earned before his YouTube channel was banned.

Kibe’s channel, which had 474,000 subscribers, was terminated on September 11 after violating YouTube’s terms of service, according to Dorothy Ooko, head of communications at Google Africa.

She claimed that after one channel was restricted, Kibe went ahead to use different accounts to get around the restrictions imposed.

“He used another channel to get around these restrictions, also known as circumvention, resulting in the termination of all his channels,” Ooko wrote in an X post.

She was responding to Kibe’s fan, Marian Wairimu, who had called out YouTube for terminating the channels.

“Cancel culture cannot be allowed to take root in content creation. Andrew Kibe’s termination of YouTube accounts is not about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say no to cancel culture,” Mariam wrote.

Now, through an interview with Mungai EVE, Blogger and Yafreeka Founder, Andrew Kibe asserted that he had 6 channels, where four of them were generating a lot of income for him, as the two channels were not yet monetized.

He dislosed the channels that were earning him money were each bringing in approximately $10,000 – equivalent to 1.5 million Kenyan shillings making it 6m Ksh every month which the currency is now 1.4m as per google currency converter.

He claims that he was surprised to learn that his channels were terminated without any prior notice.

“They shut down all 6 channels, something bad that someone did. And I think it’s you and your colleagues who did it. You joined together and said you would report me. It’s not just one person; I believe there were many people who came together after seeing jealousy for what I was earning from YouTube,” Kibe said.

“I was making a lot of money. One channel was giving me at least $10,000 every month. Such a thing doesn’t just happen by itself; I believe there are certain people who were jealous and went to report me to YouTube. All six of my channels went down,” he added.

Kibe stressed that it was not copyright issues that caused his channels to go down but people who were envious of his success.

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