Eric Omondi regrets not investing well during His younger Artistic years.

As humans, we only think of how we will make money and create our financial security. However, we tend to think about leisure and other meaningless things once we get the money we had wished for, and we end up regretting it later.

Well, the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi is no different.

In an interview with Youtuber Presenter Ali, Eric opened up about his regrets and struggles during his younger years when he first joined comedy.

He claimed that he earned a lot of money when he was younger but spent it on useless things instead of investing well.

He recalled an Airtel deal that earned him a fortune, but he decided to buy a Mercedes.

“If I knew, I was only 21,” he said regretfully.

He did not even save during his successful years at Churchill Show, which saw his brand grow to be one of the best in the country.

“I made a lot of money during Churchill Season 2, but I never invested,” he told Presenter Ali.

Adding, “The only thing I invested in was my brand. I would anything expensive, even a I could buy a helicopter just to look loaded.”

On being asked the reason he did not invest, Eric blamed fame and his young age.

He claimed that he became famous when he was only 21. According to him, he was not mature enough to make the right decisions though he was getting a lot of gigs that earned him a lot of money.

“I had like seven shows in a day. Those days clients did not mind me taking double deals. So I would go for a show and appear for five minutes and get paid well, then proceed to another show. So, I was making crazy money. But I was young. I spent the money on unnecessary things,” he explained.

Eric went on to claim that he wished he knew about financial literacy. He advised young artists to consider financial literacy to avoid making mistakes he made.

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